Bio Pure - Sistem Penulenan Air

It’s said that water is the source of life. Which explains why nature through its incredible processes, makes water pure. But what if there was a way to make pure water better – to make pure water perfect?

BIO PURE KEN System – the perfect, most advanced R.O. purification system that removes virtually ALL types of contaminants – including those other systems leave behind – for Water Made Perfect.

BIO PURE KEN is the first system in this part of the world to combine the best water purification technologies into one single, perfect system.

The first of its kind to combine the best of Reverse Osmosis (R.O.), Activated Carbon filter and Bio Ceramic technologies
Elken’s most affordable system yet, designed from ground-up to be low maintenance – saving you money right from the start
Backed by a comprehensive service and support network for total convenience and peace of mind
Unique Features

Cutting-Edge technology – The Perfect 5-Stage R.O. Purification System that removes virtually all types of contaminants, even particles including bacteria and viruses as small as 0.0001 micron – 500,000 times tinier than the diameter of a strand of hair.
Quality, safety and reliability assured:
NSF certified key components and materials
FDA-compliant ABS Food Grade Reservoir Material
Production plant and products are SIRIM certified
Water made perfect all year round for as low as few cents per litre.
Energised Water with smaller water molecule clusters help enhance the body’s cell metabolism and boost nutrient delivery.
Extensive Elken’s service and support network to give you a peace of mind.
Industry’s 1st button Melody Indicators indicates your selected water temperature in a fun and easy way.
Great tasting, odour-free water for the whole family

Bio Pure KEN 1
Bio Pure KEN 2
Bio Pure KEN 3


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